When shadows grow long, I get restless; and when darkness falls, I drive into the night to greet celestial life.

I find myself a private spot where I can be bothered only by coyotes. At first, I feel fear like a city dweller, but I look at the stars and let it all go.

I surrender and tune into the night landscape - it is my canvas, and the flashlights are my brushes. I orchestrate a symphony of light while my cameras silently record my fantasies.

...and when I am back to the city, I look at people and wonder how many of them will never venture into the night to witness how beautiful their moonlit planet is.

Tatiana Slepukhin

Tatiana is a traditionally trained artist (European school) whose primary medium is oil painting.
Additionally, she became one of the pioneers of Night Photography and Light Painting, and in 2005, an avid Aurora chaser. She's been studying, photographing and painting Northern Lights ever since.

Tatiana served as a mentor and a Regional Director (Canada) for the PSA. After winning numerous International competitions and writing award-winning articles, she realized that light painting and night photography helped her to find her own voice in traditional oil painting.

Tatiana still roams the northern nightscapes with her cameras and flashlights, but the resulting imagery is the beginning of the journey where only traditional oil painting is an “end-state”.

Thus light painting has a transitory nature in Tatiana's artistic process, and she believes that if it were not for the transition of the imagery into the oil painting, she would’ve longed exhausted both mediums.

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